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Saal C1 10:00 - 11:15 02.10.2016
Symposium So12
German/UK/Irish Meeting of the Young Investigators Network: Inflammatory diseases of the ocular surface
Vorsitzende/r: Johannes Schwartzkopff (Lörrach), Philipp Steven (Köln), Claus Cursiefen (Köln)

Inflammatory diseases of the ocular surface such as ocular allergy, dry-eye and infectious or non-infectious keratoconjunctivitis belong to the most common entities in ophthalmology. The Young Investigators Network  ( was launched in 2012 and with support by internationally renowned mentors and the Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft currently holds 30 members in Germany, Italy, Spain and France forming the largest European Young Investigator Network focussing on inflammation of the ocular surface. In continuation of previous international symposia young investigators from the UK and Ireland together with german scientists who focus on new strategies regarding mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface inflammation will be invited to further expand across inner-European boarders and to serve as a platform for new ideas, projects and collaborative science.
Referent/in: Claus Cursiefen (Köln)
Referent/in: Oliver Treacy (Galway)
Licensing of MSC with a cocktail of pro-inflammatory cytokines induces a strong immunosuppressive phenotype by increasing production of immunosuppressive factors, thereby creating a more potent immunotherapy compared to their untreated counterparts.
Referent/in: Rose Gilbert (London)
Treatment of sight-threatening uveitis may require the use of systemic immunosuppressive drugs. But how do we know whether the patient will relapse following withdrawal of treatment? My PhD research is investigating the utility of peripheral blood samples in informing us about clinical remission of ocular inflammation. This could have potential implications for monitoring other severe ocular inflammatory diseases.
Referent/in: Martin Schicht (Erlangen)
Referent/in: Uta Gehlsen (Köln)